Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation time

It would never happen in cartoons, but it often happens in real life: each year at vacation time, 30.00 house pets are helplessly abandoned or killed. Feeling bad about leaving it alone does not help.


Pascaline said...

Hi, I stop by your blog by chance...Your work is very interresting !!! I love it...I like your "ClickComments", where did you take it ?

Ellen, said...

Great add dunno! Wish we could shout it out...

unknown evening star said...

for greek readers click on this:

athletes for animal rights

on july 7th 5 cyclists are going to cross greece from ionian to aegean sea starting from igoumenitsa and ending to volos (distance ~340km, up to 10h)

also on july 8th 2 swimmers will try to swim cross pagasitikos bay (distance ~34km, from milina toy volos)

dunno said...

@pascaline:hi there,always gr8 to see new ppl coming by.hope you find what you're looking for here,and some times is more interesting to come across stuff that you didn't even know that interest for the comment you can click on the small questionmark that appears on them that will transfer you to the site that i got them,and from there you will be able to add them to your site.

ellen and evening star:once again thanx for you amazing feedback.always gr8 to read your opinions.there are tons of things we can do to change the world.if we were less lazy and more willing we difinitely would become more able too.

jay paul said...

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