Friday, June 1, 2007

Support Street Children

International Children's Day - June 1st
"Help the homeless.Donate"


Ellen, said...

Little confused and a little upset right now.. This morning I took a pack of milk from my refrigiatore and there was this ad telling me about June 1st as "world milkday" (I´m not sure how to translate this the right way) and now seeing your blog you are telling me about the world homeless children. This makes me a little bit furious at the milkindustry. How can they have the nerve to try to take away the attention this poor children so badly need?
Have a nice weekend and please keep up your work!

dunno said...

your comment made me curious about it so i checked wikipedia and actually there are many countries that doesn't consider june 1st as international children's day

check here for more info (

thanx for pointing that always gr8 to hear from you!