Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wsscc: Babies

"Diarrhea kills babies every day.Helping the world to solve water and sanitation problems."
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Geneva, Switzerland
Creative Director: Timo Kirez
Art Directors: Amina Belkasmi, Olivier Renaud
Copywriter: Stéphane Gigon
Photographers: Julien Bourdeille, Patrick Csajko


Anonymous said...

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A Lost Writer said...

OMG, this is THE blog I've been searching for. Thank you for putting together such a great collection. May I please put in a link to your blog on mine? Thanks.

dunno said...

@kele: i'm not sure what exactly you are suggesting with your comment.please be more specific.

@ a lost writer:thank you for your kind comment, although the biggest thank you goes to the creators of these can definitely link on my blog.i visit yours and i see that you have some interesting stories.i'll surely give you my feedback as soon as i have a little extra free time.

A Lost Writer said...

Thanks heaps. I would certainly appreciate your feedback. Especially on another blog in which I write about my son. Will put in the link to your blog tomorrow. Cheers.

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